- Ecclesiastical Scaffolding (Cassette) Extreme, 1987

- A Book of Lies (Cassette) Extreme, 1988

- Massaconfusa compilation (Cassette) Oedipus Crow, 1988
"A Refuge From Violence (In the Realm of Dreams)" [download]
(Credited to B Rideout). An earlier mix of the version on the first Ecclesiastical Scaffolding cassette.

- Madness Incarnate compilation (Cassette) Verbrannte Erde Productions, 1998
"The War Song of the King of Beans"
A remixed version of this track appears on the limited version of "In Retrospect"

- Ecclesiastical Scaffolding - In Retrospect (CDR) Mindless Eye, 1999
Limited Edition of 50 copies with handmade covers.

- lowercase compilation (2xCD) Bremsstrahlung Recordings, 2000
"by winter, it had to come to and end"

- "Split Promo" (CDR) Mindless Eye, 2000
A small number of copies produced for friends and promotional purposes.

- Eat Dead Flies Volume 1 compilation (Cassette) E.D.F., 2001

"Darkness III"

- Lucid Dreaming EP (7" 33rpm EP) Drone Records, 2003
"Lucid Dreaming/Sleep Paralysis"
Limited to 250 copies, on red/white coloured vinyl and handmade covers.

- Breaking Down the Barriers 1995-2005, Tens Years of AFE compilation (MP3) AFE Records, 2005
"The Persistance of Mammaries"

- Hate's Lonely Vigil (CDR EP) Mindless Eye, 2006 

- We Are Crossing Into Darkness (CDR EP) Mindless Eye, 2006 

- Otherness compilation (CD) Sonic Arts Network, 2007
"Leaving the Dark Passage"