In Progress


May 2003

Work nearing completion on the new ES CD...  Long delayed update to web pages...  New material is being
prepared for a more extensive update to the Mindless Eye/Ecclesiastical Scaffolding site once I return from
holidays in June!

March-April 2003

The new Ecclesiastical Scaffolding CD is currently on hold as I believe some of the material does not fit
in with the mood of the album, this material will probably see the light of day on a separate release.  Current
working title is "Hate's Lonely Vigil".

January-February 2003

Lucid Dreaming EP now available.

December 2002

The culmination of  much work over the past year (following a lengthy break!) nears with the completion
of a full album's worth of material, two pieces for a planned new EP, and various other new recordings
realised during this process.

June-September, 2000

A number of new pieces completed:
"A Futile Attempt to Hide a Number of Defects" (accepted for inclusion on a forthcoming compilation LP on Freedom From).
"Darkness III" (accepted for inclusion on a forthcoming compilation cassette "Eat Dead Flies Vol 1").
"Negativ Nein" (an Einstürzende Neubauten "cover" intended for a compilation on Verbrannte Erde).

And... Mindless Eye moves to a permanent home!

May, 2000

Remixed and extended a short piece originally recorded in 1998, "Child Bride of the Birds".
"Split Promo" CDR (ME002CDRP) released.

April, 2000

Six new tracks completed:

"Strange Dreams of Childhood"
"By Winter, It Had Come to an End" (a re-working of the lowercase compilation piece with additional material).
"We Are Crossing Into Darkness"
"Hate's Lonely Vigil"
"Prisoner of the Oestrogen Sea"
"Pineal Gland"

These tracks are those intended for the split cassette release.

December, 1999

Work started on large amount of new material, intended for a split cassette release...

August, 1999

Contribution recorded for the "lowercase" compilation.

May, 1999

Two new recordings completed:

"Brainticket", for inclusion on a forthcoming Big City Orchestra project.  This atypical piece is an interpretation of music from the album "Cottonwood Hill" by Brainticket.

"To Live in Fear, Part I" submitted for a Cohort Records compilation release.  Intended as the first part of a triptych.  The second and third parts are currently being recorded, then all three will be mixed into one longer piece.