Joan Prentice This woodcut has appeared on the first Ecclesiastical Scaffolding cassette and other material.  It was initially chosen for the visual allusion to the name of the project.

Some background on the events depicted in the image:

Joan Prentice lived in the Almshouse of Heddingham Sibble, Essex.  She confessed that the Devil appeared to her as a dunnish colored ferret with fiery eyes and asked for her soul.  She couldn't give her soul because it belonged to Jesus, but gave the ferret blood from her finger and cheek.  His name was "Bidd", and when she wanted him to do anything for her, she said, "Bidd, Bidd, Bidd, come Bidd, come Bidd, come Bidd, come suck, come suck, come suck". Joan Cunny of Stisted had 9 familiar spirits including two black frogs, "Jack" (who killed men) and "Jill" (who killed women).

From a pamphlet entitled "The Apprehension and confession of three notorious Witches, Arreigned and by Justice condemned and executed at Chelmesforde, in the Countye of Essex, 1589"